IZAK9 Overview

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Who Said Math Can't Be Fun?

IZAK9 makes learning math fun through interactive play—as students engage in high-quality tasks, they won't even realize they are learning!

Working together in small groups, students use giant cubes to build walls that represent solutions to interesting number, algebra, and data problems. The collaboration allows children to hypothesize, share ideas, and problem solve in a stress-free environment—which in turn builds their confidence as successful problem solvers.

What is IZAK9?

IZAK9 cube

The star of IZAK9 is the giant cube of 27 blocks that have a variety of numeric, algebraic, and geometric representations on each face. Once presented with a task, students use the blocks in small groups to build walls that represent their solutions.

IZAK9 is designed to be flexible, for use in any classroom—use the program every day, 2-3 times a week, once a week, or occasionally as a special activity. The program is also easily adaptable, to address varying classroom standards and concepts.


Program Features:

  • Over 20 open-ended mathematical tasks
  • For grades 3-6
  • Rich teacher materials, including complete lesson plans
  • Extensions to maximize learning for all students

You’ll be amazed at the learning that takes place as students build their walls and complete the task! Consider the value of students’ reactions to the 3X3 task and how they spot patterns in color, number, and shape: